Monday, 18 September 2017

Tips To Keep Coffee Delicious Store

Coffee is one of the ingredients of the drink that can be stored for long. However, it turns out that the way the coffee storage is very influential to the quality it feels at the moment.

"Coffee also have time restrictions,he's not until moldy, not stale, too, just if one can save missing goal it feels," said Viki Rahardja,

Barista Indonesia title CTI Battle Latte Art Asia 2016 in the inauguration of the MAXX outlets Corner, Plaza Semanggi, Wednesday ( 16/8/2017).

He shared tips on how to store coffee, in order to be durable and maintained the freshness

Save in the form of coffee beans

The best way of maintaining the freshness of the coffee flavor is coffee time still shaped seed, orbean. If a powdery flour or coffee, the aroma will quickly disappear.

The right place

Storing coffee should be in place which issued the air but without entering the air. Because the new coffee beans-roasting or fried will produce the gas, the gas must be issued on a regular basis.

"Disposable plastic coffee Recommendations the existing air seal. could removing the air from the inside, but can not enter the air from the outside, "said Viki.

Alternatively, you can move to some kind of jars which also has similar air channels. If not, you can open the jar regularly at a certain time to take out the gas from the coffee beans.

Room temperature

Like other food ingredients, room temperature storage is very influential to the quality of the coffee. What's the nature of coffee is absorbing the smell of nearby.

So noteworthy is keep away from strong smelling stuff. Then keep the temperature so as not to get toohot, or too cold as it was in the fridge. In addition the room moist will also lower the quality of the coffee beans, and should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Time limit on storing coffee

After holding true, it turns out that coffee also have a time limit save the best. Coffee is still fresh and tasted delicious, if stored for less than two months.

"Two month limit, in fact it could have been, just later already feels less palatable, have evaporated. The good news was changed recently, "said Viki Rahardja already wandering promote Indonesia coffee.
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