Monday, 18 September 2017

things you should know when brew coffee at home

brew coffee

Drinking coffee in a cafe or message online has now become part of the lifestyle of the urban House. In fact, get some coffee is delicious, too, can we do it at home. The problem is, not all people know how to go about making coffee at home with either.

The founder of the community of Indonesia Latte Art Artist (ILAA) Ardian Maulana gives tips in order for coffee brewed at home no less delicious.

The first part to be aware of, said Ardian, is proportion. Each makers should understand the correct measure of coffee. He suggested that making coffee by grinding the seeds in advance so that the flavors of the coffee is not changed.

Notice also how a measure of coffee. "Usually is around 13 grams to make a cup of coffee," said Ardian workshop when Good Coffee at Home in Indonesia's Biggest Business Expo 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, Friday (8/9/2017)

After that must be understood is the levels of fineness of the coffee. Please note that levels of fineness is very influential on the brewing process later.

"The more subtle, then the sooner, when rough it will be increasingly long," he said.

To manually grinded coffee at home is usually not too fine, then it's time to BREW is about 4 minutes.Water used approximately 180 ml. With regard to the brewing temperatures ranging from 85-96 degrees Celsius.

If there is no tool to measure, then can use the practical way, after boiling water and then wait up to two minutes to allow the temperature to drop, freshly brewed.

While for pouring can also be done in a way as rotated and a little bit of distance, so that the coffee candissolve thoroughly.

After waiting for 4 minutes, then it could be kissed aroma of coffee the first time using the back of a spoon to remove the coffee dregs.
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