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Whether Racism Mental Illness? The Psychiatrist Answered "Yes"

Racism, in various shape, life-threatening compounds which have been intertwined. The brotherhood between human beings are no longer harmonious due to the desire to be superior compared to certain groups of people.

At the end of last week, a number of people doing the white supremacist movement in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. The action was followed bynine similar action elsewhere in the US.

The action of superiority against other racial and ethnic groups that make a number of psychiatrists in the United States category as mental illness. However, there has been no kesepatakan fromthe American Psychology Association (APA).

The insistence of psychiatrists

Alvin Poussaint is a Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School who never give medical and psychological care to civil rights activists in Jackson,Mississippi. Along with some other psychiatrists, he suggested to what that extreme racism that cause violence not only cultural and social issues.

They assess the extreme racism included in illnessand asked that extreme racism put in a Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) – guidelines for the diagnosis of the patient-doctor as "delusional disorder". Butthe request was denied.

"They feel that racism is already embedded in the culture, until almost the normative, so you have to deal with all the cultural factors that lead to this behavior," said Poussaint as offered from Newsweek.

According to Poussaint, if extreme racism entry put in the DSM, it will benefit the community. Members of the public who suffer from extreme racism will be able to access services such as counselling withpsychiatrists, and communities that could potentially be a victim will be protected.

Poussaint rate, racism is a form of extreme paranoia. With therapy, he was able to help the "patients" to know the origin of the seperioritas is held.

"Another Psychiatrist had testified and admitted that this kind of people can improve themselves through their treatment if they understand the beliefs andwhy they are deals to others," he said.

As it turns out, Poussaint does not run on its own. Carl Bell, a psychiatrist at Jackson Park Hospital Family Medicine Clinic and Professor of clinical Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago's School of Medicine, also regard racism as an extreme pathological bias that marked personality disorder.

To what, Bell proposed a pathological bias added to the DSM as a distinctive personality disorder. However, what the Organization again refused because the judge of racism is always there in the community.

In 2006, what finally acknowledged some of the factors that cause a person to become psychiatric racist, although they confirmed that hypothesis furtherresearch is still needed.

Mental disorders

Proof that racism is a form of mental disorders seen in murders committed by Dylann Roof. By killing nine blacks in Charleston year 2015 and then, the Roof was diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder.

Though not always related to violence, people withschizophrenia and bipolar disorder often experience extreme paranoia with regard to race or ethnicity.

Test results an Implicit Association test (IAT) also showed that 90 percent of Americans have a little bias against people outside their group. A test that was developed about two decades ago by social psychologists at Harvard, the University of Virginia, andthe University of Washington has been followed bymore than 17 million people.

However, the fact the opposite is also noteworthy.Regulator massacres millions of Jews, Adolf Eichmann, was "normal" by six psychiatrists. In fact, Eichmann were declared to have relations of family scandals.

"Racist, unfortunately, cope with daily life," said Sander Gilman, a lecturer of Psychiatry at Emory University and author of the book Are Crazy Racists? with James m. Thomas, Assistant Professor of sociology at the University of Mississippi.

However, the decision makes many people uncomfortable. "A lot of people think that there is something wrong with the Germany people mentally to let this happen," said James Thomas, Assistant Professor of sociology at the University of Mississippi.

Any social researchers argued that the clinical definition is needed to arouse the society will this pathology of weirdness.

Three psychologists eventually make California-F Scale (F for fascist) that allows the identification of the characteristics of the adherents of ideology harmful, i.e. not flexible, strong loyalty to leadership, tendency to incite others and willingness to strike out in anger and violence.

However, Gilman did not approve of the extreme racism as a diagnosis of mental illness because of potentially misused as an excuse to avoid punishment.

"These people are evil. They made a lot of wrong choices, but those choices are not attributed on mental illness. Decided that extreme racism is a mental illness will release them from liability and punishment, "he said.
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